Which grade level do you work with?

We work with all grade levels K-12, transfer, and gap year students.

Is there a fee for a first meeting?

No. There is a no obligation 1 hour consultation free of charge to all first time clients.

How do you meet with clients?

We meet with clients in the comfort of their own home (San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, surrounding Los Angeles region) Skype, Facetime, Zoom, phone/email, or a neutral meeting location.

What should I anticipate for in the first meeting?

The first initial meeting is usually for the student’s parents/ guardians. If parents/guardians wish, the student may attend together. During this meeting, we will gather information about student’s past and present curriculum, placement and accommodations (for students with learning disabilities), and future goals and aspirations for college. We gather information to strategize on the best plan on how to move forward for the family’s current situation. From there, we will inform parents about the range of services options available. Parents/guardians and student who attend the first meeting are encouraged to come with a list of questions they already have in mind.

What items are due before beginning services?

All first time clients must have an initial meeting (phone, webchat, in person) with the consultant to make sure we are a good fit for each other and that the timeline for college planning is feasible. Should the family decide to work with us, we will have applications, agreement forms, and handouts available at the meeting to sign and go over the service(s) selected in detail. Clients outside of the Los Angeles region must scan and submit all signed documents via email. 

I don’t live in the Los Angeles region. Is there a way I can still get services?

For clients not living in the surrounding Los Angeles region, we have a structured package or hourly basis option that we can implement using webchat, email, and phone. We would prefer to meet using webchat for direct sessions instead of phone or email for those living outside of Los Angeles so that the client’s sessions are more personalized. For international students, please inquire first in our contact page.

What are your payment terms?

Our rates are reflective of our education and training. Our services are completed either by a package (paid in 3 monthly increments), hourly, 4 hour block, or a workshop course. A nonrefundable deposit is due for comprehensive package services to begin. 4 hour block and workshop courses are paid up front. Please inquire our services & fee schedule in our contact page.

Don’t see your question listed here?

Fill out your question in the contact page.