Our process is customized from start to finish.



We listen and answer all questions to build trust and rapport with the family. Our counseling experience allows us to gather all necessary information to provide a solid assessment for your child and what they need. This helps us come up with the most applicable recommendations. We will assist the student and family once we have agreed on a plan as a team. We will keep track and guide you to stay in the right course so that you’re not missing important steps. We will always work carefully to advise and explain about your options and to help navigate the advantages and disadvantages for each choice. Our job is to see the bigger picture and discuss possible outcomes and scenarios so that the family can be well informed ahead of time.

We invest and provide a professional and user-friendly College Planner software dashboard for each student and parent to use during the span of services. In this dashboard, the student and parent can keep track of all timelines and manage immense amount of to-do steps guided by us at the touch of a button.

We promise to..

  • Always provide honest and straightforward information so that the student and family can make the best informed decisions.
  • Protect your privacy and confidential information during the process. As a counselor, we are required to be compliant with all HIPAA and FERPA regulations.
  • Never receive any compensation from schools or organizations which keeps our evaluations and recommendations objective.

We cannot promise..

  • An acceptance to a school of your choice. We cannot predict admission outcomes but will work to limit risks such as missing important deadlines and exploring all financial aid options.
  • Doing the work for the student and family in the application process such as filling out applications or writing essays. We will simply appoint and guide you in the process to make sure important details aren’t overlooked.
  • Change does not happen overnight. The process of education planning comes with time and a firm commitment from the family working with the consultant as a team.