Since I started my blog explaining my purpose and vision as a counselor, I think it only fitting to include in my second post an introduction of myself. To keep it short, I’ll start off with 10 facts:

  1. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia in my early childhood before permanently moving back to Los Angeles with my family.
  2. I keep a postcard collection of all the places I’ve traveled to. My goal is to collect a postcard from every country so I’ll ask my friend(s) to get me one if he/she has been there and I haven’t.
  3. I’m not a hoarder and need to get rid of and clean almost everything I don’t have a use for. In other words, I have ocd.
  4. Like most college graduates, I struggled a lot after graduating not knowing which career field to go into. I chose to become a counselor after going through a life changing relationship experience which I will probably share more depth into in my blog.
  5. I used to dread traveling. The thought of a new country, new people, process of planning, travel time, and traveling with a group of people were few of the reasons why I didn’t want to. I broke out of that fear in July 2011 when I made the decision to study abroad in Cambridge, U.K. and it was the best decision of my life. Now, I really caught the travel bug and am constantly looking for ways to get out of Los Angeles whenever possible. So far this year, I’ve traveled to Singapore, Taiwan, and Canada and have 3 upcoming trips this summer.
  6. I’m a human alarm clock and always get up at exactly the same time every morning 7-7:30 am and start the day off with coffee, checking emails, and writing a to-do list for the day.
  7. I can’t choose between feeling like I’m both an intro and extrovert. I’m more of an extrovert at work because my job requires me to be: constantly talking with students, parents, and school staff. I’m an introvert everywhere else.
  8. I love watching documentaries especially if it’s an autobiography of someone. The most recent one I watched was The Founder on Netflix which is the story of how McDonald’s became the first fast food chain. Warning: don’t watch this show when you feel hungry.
  9. My bunny’s name is Bobo and when I met my boyfriend, I found out he has a dog named Bobo. Coincidence? I still find that really funny because Bobo sounds more like a bunny’s name don’t you think?
  10. The last one isn’t really a fact but more of a thought. I’m getting closer to the last few years of my 20’s and with all the cliche things I heard from my parents or older people at the time when I was in my early 20’s, it all turned out to be true. Every decision you make in your prime will really shape how your life will turn out. I feel that our generation (millennials) can get stuck in this bubble of insecurities and allow social media to dictate emotions and behaviors. I want to do something about this as a counselor and help students find a healthy balance.

I hope to use this platform to share what gives me meaning and also counseling techniques I’ve learned and still accumulating in my professional development. Thanks for reading.

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