I mentioned in my previous post that I used to DREAD traveling. But after an eye-opening experience in July 2011 studying abroad at Cambridge University U.K. through my school UC Irvine, I completely changed my mind.
This past week, I traveled to New Orleans with one of my close friends and had SO much fun. I love traveling so much. It allows me to experience beyond my day to day norm. In the near future, if I come across students who are considering taking a gap year, which has been a popular choice among high school seniors these days, I would recommend them to travel. If their finances aren’t an issue, travel not just for the sake of sight-seeing but through a program that involves volunteer work or an internship. These experiences will enrich your growth and perspective in the real world that college won’t teach you. There are a numerous amount of gap year programs now where students can take half or a full year abroad to discover the world, focus on a new language, and new cultural activities. If you’re interested, check CIEE for more information. Coming back to reality after a vacation is always tough as I’m busy getting back to my daily readings and assignments for my classes but I’m really enjoying my educational consulting courses so far. To end the post, I’ll post a few pictures of my walk down memory lane in Cambridge/ London. Enjoy!


Pembroke College, Cambridge University




Somewhere in Scotland


In a castle somewhere in Scotland


Took a weekend trip to Paris. Study abroad programs usually give you free weekends to travel to other close countries.

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