About Us

Our Story


The School Key is founded by Olivia Song. Olivia is a credentialed DIS (designated instructional service) counselor and has participated in numerous IEP (individual education plan) and SST (student study team) meetings in both public, charter, and private schools. She reviewed and wrote goals for IEP documents, implemented DIS, ERICS (Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services), 504 services, experienced in collecting clinical data, wrote behavior support plans, conducted individual and group counseling, utilized applied behavior analysis methods such as discrete trial training (DTT) for students in the autism spectrum, and gives referrals to appropriate mental health agencies. Olivia advocates for students in need of special education support and understands the challenges students with learning disabilities face when it comes to their educational plans. She combines her interest in education consulting and counseling to work with students prep and plan for college.

  • Master of Arts – Educational Counseling – Azusa Pacific University
  • Bachelor of Arts – University of California Irvine
  • Pupil Personnel Services – mandated by California Commission Teacher Credential
  • Certificate – Educational Consultant – University of California Irvine Extension


Our Mission

The School Key is an independent education consulting practice mentoring and guiding students with learning disabilities towards their college and career goals.
When we begin working with students, our goal is to help them learn about who they are and how that will affect their educational choices. Once they learn more about themselves, students are more confident about making decisions. The overall goal of the services we offer is to have students engaged and committed in this process with self confidence and optimism.


  • Always provide honest and straightforward information so that the student and family can make the best informed decisions.
  • Protect your privacy and confidential information during the process.
  • Never receive any compensation from schools or organizations which keeps our evaluations and recommendations objective.


  • Doing the work for the student and family in the application process.
  • Change does not happen overnight. The process of education planning comes with time and a firm commitment from the family working with the consultant as a team.