The key role of the independent educational consultant (IEC) is to assess a student’s educational, social, emotional, needs, and desires to the appropriate schools, colleges or programs that will be the best match for them. Our role is to learn about a student’s learning style, desired environment, and academic vs. social component and guide them in their college and career planning.  

personal Personalized Planning

The national average high school counselor to student ratio is 470:1. It is impossible for school based counselors to take their personal time to sit with each and every student and guide them in their college search and planning. Working with an IEC gives the student and family personalized attention and time in this process.

pic Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We understand that students and parents experience a wide range of emotions during this time of education and college planning. We are not just a consultant but a personal counselor to guide you through a difficult time and help the student and family make well-planned and informed decisions.

pic2Placement Expertise for LD

For students with learning disabilities, we understand the concerns that parents may have for their child how they will excel in school. We will guide parents in understanding the IEP (individual education plan) and 504 plans. For high school students heading off to college, we will help research schools that provide learning disabilities services appropriate for their specific need.

pic1 Finding the Gray Areas

Education and college planning has become more complex over the years and there are a lot of gray areas that families can miss. We continue to advance our knowledge within a field that is constantly evolving and changing by staying as a member of professional organizations, attending conferences, visiting schools, and networking with college representatives as needed. We stay on top of current news on education trends, technology, and financial aid.