Freshman & Sophomore Package

This package applies to freshmans and sophomores. This service lasts 10 months or equivalent to 1 school year. This includes 10 face to face meetings, each meeting lasting 1-2 hours. This includes unlimited phone calls, emails, and texts for student and family to consult with the counselor.

  • Package includes but not limited to:

    – Individualized planner and organization of activities
    – Review of all academic records, activities, and interests
    – Exploring interests both inside and outside of school
    – Selecting freshman/sophomore year curriculum
    – Discussions about school work
    – Discussion and research on getting involved: volunteer work, enrichment programs, internships
    – Discuss learning preferences, environment, and style
    – Begin discussing college options and build a tentative list of schools
    – Gentle guidance on trip planning from tentative list of schools
    – Begin discussing college entrance exams and referrals to appropriate testing and tutoring centers
    – Prepare brag sheets for teachers and counselors to assist with letters of recommendations
    – Discuss likes, dislikes, interests and start thinking about a major/career options
    – Guidance searching for eligible grants and scholarships
    – Introduction to CommonApp, CSU, & UC procedures and format
    – Understanding FAFSA, grants, student loans, and repayment options.

Contact us for a detailed curriculum of this package.