Our process is comprehensive, guiding the student and families through the entire educational planning process. But with this being said, we understand that some students only need a review of one or two aspects of their planning.

  • Hourly Consultation

– Develop ideas, guidance, proofreading, and organizing college essays
– Students who already finished the application work but needs comprehensive review before submission
– Guidance on understanding FAFSA, scholarships, student loan types, repayment options
– Academic planning: choosing appropriate courses for grades 9-12
– Personality Testing and Career Matching Assessments
– Consultation on various college options: public vs. private, co-ed vs. single sex, international
– Transferring from a community college or university
– Programs and guidance overview for gap year students
– Research and help on getting involved: volunteer work, enrichment programs, internships
– Discuss college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) and referrals to appropriate testing and tutoring centers
– Discuss all academic, social, emotional issues students face in school and in the planning process
– College Trip Guidance Planning
– Guidance on gathering letters of recommendations
– Discuss major and career options
– Guidance searching for eligible grants and scholarships
– College application portion for learning disability services & accommodations

  • 4 Hour Blocks

This option includes all the same services as the hourly option above. The 4 hours is up to the student & family to schedule with us to use whichever way they see fit.

Contact us for a detailed outline of this service.