Junior & Senior Package

This package applies to juniors and seniors. This service lasts 10 months or equivalent to 1 school year. This includes 15 face to face meetings, each meeting lasting 1-2 hours. This includes unlimited phone calls, emails, and texts for student and family to consult with the counselor.

  • Package includes but not limited to:

    – Individualized planner of college search and application
    – Review of all academic records, activities, and interests
    – Selecting junior/senior year curriculum
    – Support for researching enrichment programs, internships, and extracurricular activities
    – Development of a unique college list that reflect each student’s goals, interests, needs and academic preparation along with parent’s insights and financial parameters
    – Guidance on college trip planning (before applying or after acceptance)
    – Develop ideas, guidance, proofreading, and organizing college essays
    – Understanding Early Decision/Early Action applications
    – Guidance on Common Application/UC/CSU procedures and format
    – Discuss college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) and referrals to appropriate testing and tutoring centers
    – Create calendar and begin tracking application and test deadlines
    – Guidance on gathering recommendation letters
    – Guidance in completing applications by December 1st (for seniors)
    – Comprehensive review of all applications before submission (for seniors)
    – Guidance in demonstrating interest to top choice colleges for better chances of admission
    – Personality Testing and Career Matching Assessments
    – Guidance on FAFSA, grants, and scholarship
    – Guidance on understanding federal loans and repayment options
    – Assistance with final college decisions, financial aid award letter, and appeals
    – Creating freshman year of college survival guide (for seniors)

Contact us for a detailed curriculum of this package.