The School Key is an independent education consulting practice that offers a variety of services from comprehensive college planning to mentoring students towards their college and career goals. With our approach, we customize each service to meet your needs. Located in Los Angeles, we work with students locally in person and also open to working with students outside of the Los Angeles region through video chat. We uphold all ethical standards for good practice set by ASCA and IECA.

We have experience counseling students in grades K-12 in both public, charter, and private schools as well as intervention for students in the autism spectrum. Our expertise lies in special needs education planning (IEP and 504 Plans), social and emotional counseling, and the college preparation and application process for middle to high school students.

When we begin working with students, our goal is to help them learn about who they are and how that will affect their educational choices about college. Once they learn more about themselves, students are more confident about making decisions. The overall goal of the services we offer is to have students engaged and committed in this process with self confidence and optimism.